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Dried Fruits Cocktail


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Beat The Heat with Dried fruits cocktail for kids and young ones. This includes following items

**Dried Kiwi:** Intensely concentrated kiwi flavor, chewy texture with a slightly tart and sweet taste. The vibrant green color is often retained, with a darker brown color possible for some varieties.

**Sliced Cranberries:** Tiny, tart and tangy explosions of flavor. Deep red color with a chewy texture, often sweetened with sugar for a more snackable taste.

**Dried Cherries:** Sweet and chewy with a concentrated cherry flavor. Can be plump and soft or shriveled and tart, depending on the drying process. Range in color from deep red to almost black.

**Dried Papaya:** Chewy and soft with a mildly sweet flavor. The bright orange color is often muted to a brownish orange. Sometimes sliced or diced, sometimes formed into long, thin strips.

**Dried Mango:** Chewy and slightly sticky with a very sweet and intense mango flavor. Color can range from light yellow to a deep orange or brown, depending on the variety and drying method. May be sliced or diced.

**Black Raisins:** Wrinkly and chewy with a concentrated raisin flavor that’s both sweet and slightly tart. Deep black color with a dusty matte finish.

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