Surfset is taking over the world, The FitMonk Digest tells you more.

What is Surfset?

Surfing requires a great deal of body balance and postures, working almost all muscles. And yet it is a sport practised and embraced by a very minute population for a number of reasons, lack of access, perceived dangers etc.

Mike Hartwick, Sarah Ponn and Bill Ninteau decided to bring surfing to a larger audience. Placing a surfboard on stabilizer balls, the three introduced the  concept of “surfing without water” or “indoor surfing” to the world. The massive influx of new and snappy fitness trends over the last few years witnessed a new revolutionary entrant into the market, Surfset.


India with the world’s largest peninsular landform, does boast a long shoreline.However surfing has not really caught on  in India although things are are few beaches on the Indian coast conducive to good surfing conditions, where aspirants could give their skills a shot.

A typical Surfset workout and its benefits.

A typical surfset workout requires one to perform a number s of exercises while maintaining their body balance atop the surfboard. While balance, flexibility and agility are a given, the workout helps tone your muscles and improve your stamina. The various postures practised helps strengthen your back, shoulders, legs and improves your core-strength.

What are some signature Surfset workouts?

There are essentially four kinds of signature surfset workouts, Balance, Burn, Build and Blend
1) Balance :- A yoga-inspired workout, Balance requires you to employ body stability and concentration in attempting carry out standard yoga-postures on the surfboard.
2)Burn :- A high-intensity workout, Burn tests your stamina and endurance with various kinds of aerobic movements carried out in quick-succession.
3) Build :- A relatively calmer workout routine, Build tests the balance of your mind, concentration and the ability to translate that onto your body postures.
4) Blend :- As the word suggests, this workout session seamlessly blends elements of all the previous 3 kinds of workouts carried out in between short intervals.

What lays ahead for Surfset?

Surfset is all about getting out of the static workout routine and testing our bodies in new and challenging ways. It essentially requires you to carry out various kinds of exercises while you fight the instability of being on a surfboard.

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