Proton Sports Interview Co-Founder: Dharmendra Kumar


This week on FitMonk spotlight, we delve into the world of endurance running and the teams looking to get you to that starting line, with Protons Sports and its Co-Founder,

Dharmendra Kumar.

Tell us about Proton Sports.

Proton Sports started as a running group, actually. All three co-founders, met on one of our runs, and as is the nature of endurance running and the people, we became running partners. We took part in many runs, in and out of Bangalore, and after a point we felt we should officiate the group under a banner, which was Proton.

We primarily focus on running. Specifically, long distance running training and organising running events. All of our trainings are outdoors. Be it parks, roads, whatever is available.

Our trainers are chosen for their own diligence to running. They are all active runners and are people looking to share their experience with others.

What types of events to do you usually manage?

We do as many diverse events as we can. We do our own events, we partner with some of the other running establishments and we do end-to-end management of events for companies or vendors. For our own events, we host as much as possible, doing 5-10k runs as well as long distance of 21k, 42k and beyond. In partnering, we share our experience with larger hosts and help manage their events like the Pinkathon and the Bengaluru Marathon.

Anything outside running?

We also offer athlete management where we offer purpose based intensive trainings for professional athletes from other sports. Every major sport requires high levels of running training because endurance is key, and we offer that..

Tell us about your process.

Our focus with our customers is to basically create an environment where they are well-trained, so they enjoy what they are doing and avoid injury, and also where they are motivated, by their peers and trainers, to help sustain their passion.

Many of us lose touch with sports after our initial education, and getting back in proves difficult. We make sure that we train you and guide you so that when you do get back into your sport of choice, you’re on top of the game.

We’re in the business of making role models. We look to train you and educate you such that you can go ahead and use that to motivate others around you. It doesn’t matter what sport you prefer or how old you are. By being a positive icon, you can do better for yourself, as well as for those who appreciate what you do.

We even push for our clients to come to meets and cheer for others. Unfortunately, we have become a celebrity-based country. We only cheer for, and get excited for the big sports. But by having people come to meets and learning about running, we share our passion and help others find their own passion.

Who should get into running?

Running is as unanimous as it gets, because everyone has run at some point in their lives. People start when they are children and go upto even when they are above a 100 years of age.

That’s what we build on. You don’t need any special training to get into running, as opposed to other sports. But going further and building yourself for longer distance running, you will see that you lack in certain areas. Be it endurance, strength or flexibility. We train you at whatever stage you are on, depending on what you feel you need to improve.

Even if you’re passionate for other sports, you can always improve your performance with running, since it’s a very all-round sport and it works out all your muscles.

Any advice for people looking to start living healthy?

The main piece of advice I can give is that you should just start. Start small with simply jogging for some time everyday. You don’t even need to join a club or establishment for that. Running is a sport where you already have all the required skill. You just need to motivate yourself and get out there and start doing it. Assuredly, once you start, you will see how easy it is, and then you will enjoy it and benefit from it.

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