Model & Gold Medalist, Sandhya Shetty – Part 2

This week on the FitMonk Digest, we have the Model/Actor/TV Presenter/Karateka and Gold Medalist, again,
Sandhya Shetty.
Part 2:

How has martial arts helped you?

Martial arts is important in its own way. It gives you everything. Self defence, physical fitness, and mental fitness. Mental fitness since martial arts involves a lot of breathing patterns, which improves focus and mental strength.

For me personally, as a model and actor, I always have to be physically fit. And martial arts fit me perfectly. Karate helps me stay fit and keeps me flexible, with no extra effort. With the addition of being in the media glare 24/7, the levels of stress and pressure I face are constant and very high. Martial arts gives me the environment where I can vent out my energy, meditate and refocus.

And, just the knowledge that you’re physically and mentally powerful, changes you. I can’t put words to the feeling but it changes the way you see the world.Things are more manageable, since you have the innate sense that you are powerful. And it only happens once you start with your training.

What is your training schedule like?

My training regiment is very strict. I train everyday, unless I’m travelling. It’s usually an hour long session every day of the week. It’s not Karate all the time, unless I’m training for a competition. Aside from that I do weight training, functional training, cycling just to mix it up. But Karate stays constant. Every week I make sure I do at least an hour of Karate to keep up with my training.

Did that not cut into other aspects of your professional life?

Not at all. All this while, I’ve been pursuing my acting and modelling career too. I’ve been a travel host for the Discovery Channel, I’ve done two Hinglish films, one Bengali film, a thousand odd ramp shows, everything really.

What does the future hold for Miss Sandhya Shetty?

Moving forward, I’m going to continue doing everything. There’s a national championship being held in Kerela in February 2016, before which state selections will be held. The one thing a little out there that I’m planning is in March, the US Open Karate, where no Indian has cleared the first level. So that’s the plan.

Anything you’ve learned from all the industries you’ve been a part of?

The one thing I tell people is to love thyself. Once you are capable of loving yourself then everything around you will also give you the love. And whatever you do, do it with a smile. A smile is the best way to disarm and engage at a more personal level. It’s as simple as that.

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