Miss Asia 2015 Fitness Physique, Shweta Rathore – Part 2

This week on the FitMonk Digest, we have the Miss Asia 2015 Fitness Physique and Miss World 2014 Fitness Physique, Shweta Rathore.
Part 2:

What else are you doing on the fitness front?
I started my own company Fitness Forever Pvt Ltd.where newcomers who want to get into competitive fitness can train. We guide them from 0 to a 100% of the process – the food, the conditioning, the posing, everything.
When I started there were really no guidelines. It was all chaos. And I don’t want others to go through the same. The federations that hold these competitions don’t really help out that much. They focus on the arrangements and getting the people. But not training or guiding. There’s a large information gap.

Aside from that, for those people who aren’t going to go into fitness professionally, I hold seminars, corporate tie-ups etc, so I can share my experience with as many people as possible. My message is clear: fitness isn’t tough. Trainers, coaches sometimes make fitness too difficult. But it’s not so. I want everybody to know, it’s about your mind soul and body. Your mindset is as important as your body. The target is to make India fit and succeed.

Youngsters these days are losing their willpower. They’re going to the bad elements, they don’t have the right attitude or even the right diet. But once you have a healthy mind and body, all other aspects of your life will improve. Education in all matters of life is important. Even in fitness.

What’s your routine like?
During competition seasons, I have to do double the amount of work. I work on my fitness 3-4 hours a day, gymming and workouts 3-4 hours too. Stretching, yoga, martial arts, I do everything as I have to be flexible too. I have to focus on weight training too because the competitions demand that my muscles be sharp and toned.
I try to keep my routine different too as I am a coach as well. I have to keep pushing myself. If I  don’t grow myself, I can not teach anyone else. Your body gets acclimated to one sort of workout so you need to challenge yourself constantly.

Any special competition diet?
My diet for competition is also different. All combinations of carbs and proteins. It’s a strict scheduled diet, because I have to look my best. But I make sure to eat everything natural, good carbs, good proteins. And of course, cheat meals too, because we’re all human after all.
I’m usually constantly training for competitions so I don’t really have off-seasons. But even if I did, I wouldn’t lose my fitness. Some athletes say, I’m in my off season, so I don’t have to be fit. But I feel, if I have to be a role model, if I want to be someone people look up to I have to be fit all the time.
But being fit doesn’t mean being shredded all the time. I have specific requirements to be shredded and lean, with all body fibres showing, for my work, for professional competitions. The body needs a balanced diet to function. For competitions, I have to go low carb high protein, but if you do it for too long, you’ll start to lose body function. Same goes for fat, your body needs fats to work; there has to be balance.

What’s the best advice you can give people struggling with getting fit?
The one piece of advice I would give to everyone is, if you feel you’re tired, if you feel you have no time, if you’ve been driving in traffic for too long, just do one thing: Go to your gym, and stand there.
Just make yourself go to the gym. You don’t have to work out. Stay there. Be around the people who’re working out. And naturally, your mind will say, I’m already here, maybe I can do something too. Start small. But keep going. If you put yourself in that environment you will naturally workout. That’s how you start.

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