Miss Asia 2015 Fitness Physique, Shweta Rathore – Part 1

This week on the FitMonk Digest, we have the Miss Asia 2015 Fitness Physique and Miss World 2014 Fitness Physique, Shweta Rathore.
Part 1:

Tell us about yourself:
I’ve done a B.Tech. in Electronics and Communication, from IP University, and worked in marketing at a number of MNCs.
After that, I moved to Mumbai and started my own company, as well as my own NGO called God’s Beautiful Child, for poor children and women empowerment.
Professionally, I’ve been competing for about a year now. I started with a world championship, held in Mumbai in December 2014 and I won, the first Indian woman to win in the fitness physique category. From there on, I won the Miss Maharashtra and the Miss India championships. Then, I won the Miss Asia title, held in Uzbekistan in 2015, competing with 47 other countries.
So till date, I’ve taken part 6 competitions and won all six. I’m also the only Indian, let alone female, brand ambassador for MuscleTech in the 25 years they’ve been active. I’m also going to be on the panel for the Body Power Expo. In February this year, I will be competing in the Miss Maharashtra, in March the Nationals, and then Miss Asia.

How did you get started?
Since my childhood, I was very keen about fitness. I was a broad built child, and I didn’t know the difference between fat and structure, so after hearing someone call me fat, I decided to try working out. I got a very good response from my body once I started.  And that’s how I got into fitness.
It wasn’t easy though, as, initially my father was against it, but over time  hesoftened seeing the growth I had. The same applies, for the people who ask me, you only started a year ago how did you win so easily? It is not something I got in a year. I might not have been professionally into fitness, but I was still very fit.

How did you decide on this profession?
I’m a physique athlete rather than a bodybuilder. I went for physique fitness because I feel hardcore bodybuilding was not what I wanted for myself. It needs a lot more commitment and the toll it takes on you and your body is something I didn’t want.

What has been your motivation?
I felt this was a good platform that I should be a part of. It’s something I feel the country as a whole can be proud of, and it was a good place for youngsters, male and female, to learn that fitness is for everyone. I want people to get rid of the misunderstanding that fitness belongs to only professionals like models or actors. Fitness is for everybody, which is what I’ve set out to prove.
Also, when I started there were no role models in India e for people to look up to and be inspired by. I wanted to become a face for the younger generations, someone they can look to and emulate. I believe my story can motivate others for the same.
And, once you represent India internationally, you feel proud, as you get to leave your mark on the global scene, to show that India can also compete at that level.


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