October 26, 2015
Can I book through the FitMonk website?

FitMonk allows  you to book slots and memberships through the mobile application only. Our website allows you to browse through the list of our Fitness Partners and to follow our blog The FitMonk Digest.

Can I book a slot for more than 1 person?

Yes, please feel free to book as many slots as are available.

Which cities does FitMonk cover?

We are currently operating in Mumbai and Bangalore but rest assured are working on launching in other cities too.

Can I buy a membership for 2 people?

For sure, the more the merrier is what we believe in. Bring along a fitness buddy, workouts are always that much more fun with a friend. Plus, you now have someone to share the soreness with!

How do I make payments?

We have tied up with a payment gateway. Simply enter your debit card/ credit card or net banking details and make the payment online.

I have a problem with the payment gateway, what do I do?

Drop us a mail us at info@fitmonk.co.in and we will get right to it!

What if the Fitness Centre does not validate the booking?

All our Fitness Partners are well versed with the way we work, and this situation should never arise. However, on the off chance that a Fitness Centre does not accept the booking, drop us a mail at info@fitmonk.co.in and we shall resolve it ASAP.

Can I cancel a booking made at a fitness center?

Each Fitness Centre runs its own cancellation/ rescheduling policy. However, we understand that unplanned/ unexpected issues can come up and you may need to cancel/ reschedule a booking. If that happens, reach out to us at info@fitmonk.co.in and we will see how best we can accommodate your request.

Can I book all the classes on FitMonk online?

Unfortunately no, there are some specific centers that do not allow for online booking. You will have to request a booking through the app and we will get back to you to confirm your booking.

How do I know what to bring to the fitness studio/ centre?

If you are required to bring something with you, then you will be informed about the same at the time of booking.

How do I recommend a studio be added to FitMonk?

We're always looking forward to add more fitness/ sports centers to FitMonk, so do drop us a line at info@fitmonk.co.in and we will see see what we can do.

Can I partner with FitMonk?

Of course! Please reach out to us at info@fitmonk.co.in and we will commence our on-boarding process.

I can't find the app on the Google Play or iOS store, what do I do?

We are currently operating on an ‘invite only’ basis. Do drop us a line, either at info@fitmonk.co.in or on the ‘Contact Us’ section on our website and we will send you an invite for the app.