Surfset is taking over the world, The FitMonk Digest tells you more. What is Surfset? Surfing requires a great deal of body balance and postures, working almost all muscles. And yet it is a sport practised and embraced by a very minute population for a number of reasons, lack of access, perceived dangers etc. Mike[…]

Delhi Rock’s Anuraag Interview

This week on FitMonk Spotlight, we delve into the adventurous world of rock climbing and Delhi Rock’s own, Anuraag. Tell us about The Delhi Rock. Delhi Rock is India’s first climbing gym, and we also host other inspiring forms like aerial silks and acroyoga. We think it’s important to motivate people beyond just cosmetic fitness,[…]

Welcome to The FitMonk Digest

Hello, and Welcome to the FitMonk Digest. FitMonk’s official blog. The FM Digest will keep you abreast with the latest from the fitness industry in India, as well as interviews with the most knowledgeable personalities, with exclusive access to the  fitness world. Our business model is based on giving  you the best fitness experiences. We[…]