2015 Fitness Interview Co-Founder: Dharma


This week on FitMonk Spotlight, we explore the realm of AER Fitness, and one of its progenitors, Co-Founder of 20-15 Fitness,


Tell us about 20-15 Fitness.

It’s a combination of two people, a sportsman and a dietitian, Dharma and Swati. We collaborated, right after I got my K11 physical education certification, she, as the nutrition expert and I, as the tutor.

2015 is a functional training studio, along with a secondary combination with AER, aerial yoga, offering AER Fitness. What we offer can broadly be classified as CrossFit. But we do focus more on the functional aspects of training.

What does Functional Training entail?

Functional training involves training which is beyond traditional weight training or cardio. Rather than building certain muscles for visual effect, we focus on building strength all over, with purpose. A perfect example would be pushups over bench presses. Pushups have real world effects since you’re using your own body weight as load. Bench presses focus certain muscle groups only, limiting use. This is the process we use to inculcate various exercises into our routines.


Tell us about your process.

We offer functional training after an assessment. We figure out what stage your body is at and show you where you can grow. Our methods are simple; ut they are hard work.

Our exercises are purpose built, and not just any sort of training. We try to get our customers ready. Humans, in general, don’t realize that they’re missing out on their true potential. My teacher, during my certification days, weighed 45kgs and could do deadlifts up to a 110kgs. That’s what we try to do here. It’s not about your weight or size. It’s about what you want to achieve. It’s not just exercising, it’s about realising potential.

As an addition to AER Fitness, we offer nutritional services for those who want to go into a more serious fitness regimen. But its most effective for people looking at a specific goal.

We also offer classes in Zumba and masala bhangra on and off, but our focus is on AER Fitness.



Why pick AER Fitness over the traditional forms?

What we offer differs from traditional trainings like swimming or running is that we mix it up constantly. We keep it fresh. If the process is not tedious, then it doesn’t become a chore. The challenges differ every day.

Who is AER Fitness for?

There is no barrier to entry into AER Fitness. We offer serious services but they are easy to adopt and don’t require prior knowledge. The only thing we ask for is mindset to face the challenges of the day. In a gym, you know what you will work on that day. In functional, everyday is unique in its own way. It’s our way of preparing people for anything that life throws at them.

Any advice for those of us looking to go healthy?

Just a simple set of three:

  1. Realize your potential.

  2. Compete with yourself.

  3. Stay consistent.

Follow this in any avenue of life and you will find success.

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