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A fitness platform to explore, book workouts and level up your game!

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Pick from a full roster of workout slots available in multiple fitness centres across your city.

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Search for fitness centres around you with our GPS enabled app.

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Quality service guaranteed. We offer a wide range of premium workouts that fit your budget.

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Hassle-free payments available with our in-app payment feature. Book and pay for whatever you like, on the go.

Transform your fitness routine with the new FitMonk App.
FitMonk enables you to pick from multiple fitness centres around you and find what suits you best.

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We want to get you the best fitness around.
FitMonk is the One Stop Shop for all your Fitness Needs.

FitMonk shows you all available workout opportunities by a location based search. All you have to do is find the right centre and the right time and book it! It's that simple! FitMonk offers a variety of fitness options from Zumba to Rock Climbing to CrossFit. Pick what you like for when you like. Fitmonk makes working out fun and removes the hassle from exploring new forms of fitness. Your next workout is only a hop, skip and a jump away!

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